Collection: Hand Hewn Reclaimed Barnwood Mantel Beams

A Hand Hewn mantel (or Rough Hewn mantel) describes how round timbers that were dimensioned with hand tools such as axes and adzes in order to convert round tree logs into dimensional lumber.

There are textural differences in reclaimed wood mantels. Our hand hewn mantels have the tell-tale axe marks which give them a rustic feel.

You can see the difference in textures here (click on image for larger view):

Reclaimed barnwood mantel material textures


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Hand Hewn Reclaimed Barnwood Mantel Beams
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Worn by the wind...

Our reclaimed barnwood mantels are of wood that is over a century old, and has the old growth tight grain visible in our resawn corbels, and the unmistakable patina in our rough sawn and hand hewn varieties.

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