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Corbels are structural or aesthetic support for a fireplace mantel for our purposes.

What is a Corbel?

In architecture, a corbel is a structural piece of stone, wood or metal jutting from a wall to carry a superincumbent weight, a type of bracket. A corbel is a solid piece of material in the wall, whereas a console is a piece applied to the structure. A piece of timber projecting in the same way was called a "tassel" or a "bragger" in England.

The technique of corbelling, where rows of corbels deeply keyed inside a wall support a projecting wall or parapet, has been used since Neolithic (New Stone Age) times. It is common in medieval architecture and in the Scottish baronial style as well as in the vocabulary of classical architecture, such as the modillions of a Corinthian cornice. 
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Authentic reclaimed barn wood corbels, perfect beneath a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel. Available in hand hewn, rough sawn, or resawn textures.

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Reclaimed Barnwood Corbels
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Worn by the wind...

Our reclaimed barnwood mantels are of wood that is over a century old, and has the old growth tight grain visible in our resawn corbels, and the unmistakable patina in our rough sawn and hand hewn varieties.

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