Why We Are Green

Think green. Think recycled. Think eco-friendly. Go with reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantels instead of new.

Preserving the past, protecting the environment.

A lot of companies call themselves green these days. It’s popular. It’s even fashionable. But for us, being green isn’t a trend. It’s a way of life. When we dismantle a 200 year-old barn, we don’t just preserve boards – we preserve the environment. Because every piece of wood that we reclaim reduces the pressure to harvest new trees. And along with the environment, we’re preserving an important part of history.

A brilliant second act

We scour the United States and Europe for buildings that are no longer safe or useful. And we recover these materials to create new architectural components that pay homage to their origins while providing another century of stunning service.

Our reclaimed barn wood mantels create conversation. What story will yours tell?

Reclaimed Wood Flooring