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Worn by the wind. Tempered by time. Our reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantel beams tell a story.

Create a conversation with our wood beams for fireplace mantels. Choose either a hand hewn beam mantel, rough sawn beam mantel, or resawn beam mantel. Choosing a rustic wood beam mantel adds charm to any room.

We're adding timber for fireplace mantels all the time. If you don't see what you need here, give us a call. We have thousands of them in our on-site yard.

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How to install a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel beam

All For One Price

Shopping for a wood beam for fireplace mantel? Don't be misled by a low price. Someone else's beam may start at $200 but by the time they add the finish-work it's over $400.

We don't bury the shipping in our products. The pricing is transparent and shipping is separated and calculated by the carrier without markup.

All of our reclaimed wood mantels have one price, with everything included and no extra charges for additional work.

Our reclaimed barnwood mantel beams include:

  • Nylon brushed to soften the texture to the touch
  • Back-side fresh cut for flush wall mounting
  • Kiln dried
  • Fumigated
  • No Charge Upon Request: Trimmed to shorter length
  • No Charge Upon Request: ALL Mortise pockets patched upon request unless already done
  • No Charge Upon Request: Power-washed (removes most of the gray patina)
  • No Charge Upon Request: Additional heavy nylon brushing (removes some gray patina)
  • No Charge Upon Request: Wire brushing (removes more patina, leaves fine but deeper grooves)
Shop Our Reclaimed Wood Mantel Collections
  • Hand Hewn Reclaimed Fireplace Mantel Beam

    5 Stars!

    Amazing to work with! They communicated continuously and the product is spectacular! I would definitely recommend them!

    -Malarie W.

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    5 Stars!

    “When looking for a vintage mantle piece for our fireplace remodel project, my wife and I came across the website of The Vintage Wood Floor Company in Anaheim. We were glad we did. We called and set up an appointment to meet with Adam to discuss our needs. Adam was very patient and knowledgeable. He took the time to ask us questions and explained all of the different options that he could provide for us. We were in a 24 hour time crunch as the contractor needed the beam the following day. We selected  a beautiful hand hewn 200 year old beam that we took with us the same day! Talk about great service! Our fireplace contractor installed the beam for us and it is gorgeous! Adam provided excellent service and kept our project moving on budget and on time, Thank you to Adam and all the folks at The Vintage Wood Floor Company!”


    Mark and Katherine O.

    Anaheim Hills, CA.

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The Beauty and Benefits of Reclaimed Barn Wood Beams

Reclaimed Barn Wood Beams: 7 Reasons They’re the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Reclaimed Wood from an old barn

Unique Aesthetic:

Reclaimed barn wood beams offer a unique aesthetic that cannot be replicated with new wood. The natural weathering and aging of the wood give it a rustic and authentic look that adds character and warmth to any space.


Using reclaimed barn wood beams is an environmentally friendly choice. It reduces the demand for new wood and helps to preserve forests. It also prevents old wood from ending up in landfills, reducing waste.


Barn wood beams are known for their durability and strength. They were originally used to support the weight of a barn, and this strength and density will see it endure for generations to come. The density of this century-old wood (old growth) is far greater than newly harvested wood making it far more resistant to warping and other failures.


Reclaimed barn wood beams have a story to tell. They were once part of a barn that served a purpose and had a life of its own. Incorporating them into your home or business adds a sense of history and nostalgia.


Barn wood beams can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as mantels, shelving, accent walls, or even as a decorative element in a ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

Low Maintenance:

Reclaimed barn wood beams require very little maintenance. They have already been exposed to the elements and have stood the test of time. A simple dusting is all that’s needed.


Using reclaimed barn wood beams is an investment in your home or business. They add value and character to any space and are sure to impress guests or customers. Plus, they are a timeless addition that will never go out of style.

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