5ft. Hand Hewn Reclaimed Barn Wood Solid Fireplace Mantel Beam
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Hand Hewn Reclaimed Wood Mantel | 8"H x 9"D x 60"L

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Solid Hand Hewn Reclaimed Wood Mantel Beam

One of our favorites! This type of hand hewn beam fireplace mantel has everything one looks for in an antique mantel beam. All faces have natural patina. This one of a kind mantel has nails we left intact in two of the faces. Ready to ship. 

Each reclaimed wood fireplace mantel wooden beam began its life as a part of a barn or other historic structure, then these reclaimed wooden beams are fashioned down into what you see here; very unique wooden mantels.

Hand Hewn Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel by TheMantelCollection.com

Reclaimed Wood Mantel Beam Dimensions (as mounted):

  • 8" high vertical face
  • 9" horizontal depth to wall
  • 60" horizontal width end-to-end
  • 120lbs
  • Red Oak

All reclaimed barnwood mantel beams we offer include:

  • Hand picked from our own, on-site 30,000sf reclaimed barn wood beam inventory
  • Done: Nylon brushed to soften the texture to the touch
  • Done: Back-side skim cut for flush wall mounting
  • Done: Kiln dried
  • Done: Fumigated
  • No Charge Upon Request: Mortise pockets patched upon request unless already done
  • No Charge Upon Request: Power-washed (removes some gray patina)
  • No Charge Upon Request: Additional heavy nylon brushing (removes some gray patina)
  • No Charge Upon Request: Wire brushing (removes more gray patina, leaves fine but deeper grooves)
Reclaimed Fireplace Mantel Beam Finishing Options

If you are local and wish to pick up your order from our plant in Anaheim, CA rather than ship it (or if you will arrange your own shipping) please use this coupon code at checkout to avoid being charged shipping costs: "WILLCALL". If used by mistake or shipping is otherwise required we will collect shipping prior to release.

We can ship as-is or we can cut to a shorter length. Please indicate if you'd like the cutoff sent to you along with the mantel beam for an additional shipping charge in your order comments on the checkout page.

Buy Today. Pickup Today. Ships Tomorrow.

Are you local to Anaheim CA and want to pick it up? Use the discount code WILLCALL during checkout to have the shipping deducted. As a working mill we must operate by appointment only. If you'd like to pick up your item please call or text Adam to make a pickup appointment at 949-244-5123 or by email to adam@vintagewoodfloors.com. Appointments are available during these windows:

  • Monday - Friday
  • 8:00am - 3:30pm

Question: What are the dimensions of a reclaimed wood mantel?

Answer: The dimensions of a fireplace mantel are from the viewer's point of view of the mantel. The vertical front dimension is the "face", the horizontal dimension from the face to the wall (either the top or bottom) is the "depth" or "protrusion", and the "width" is the dimension from left to right (horizontally). 

Reclaimed Wood Mantel Beam Dimensions

Question: How are fireplace mantels attached?

Answer: We recommend hiring an experienced professional to properly install your fireplace mantel if you're in doubt. These reclaimed mantels are dense old growth wood so they are heavy, and the last thing you want is a failed installation. There are several methods but all proper methods should include securing the mantel to the wall studs. The most common installation choice is a floating mantel bracket; we recommend Shelfology for brackets like these. 

Glenn MD Floating Mantel Bracket from Shelfology

Know Before You Buy

Check out our FAQ's if you're at all unsure about if a reclaimed wood mantel is right for you, including the fumigation we do to protect your home through to installation. Read here (opens in new window).


Contact us for a special beam pull request


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YouTube: How To Install A Mantel Beam

~ Alternative to a Solid Mantel Beam ~

Reclaimed Barn Wood Box Beam Mantel

Box Beam Mantels

Have you considered a custom box beam for your fireplace mantel? It's an ideal solution to uniquely configured spaces when the dimensions have to be highly accurate. Rather than taking a solid beam and trying to make it work with a difficult application, it can be far more effective to build the box beam TO the application.

The demand for our new and reclaimed barn wood box beams has caused us to split box beams off into a division of its own.

Now, you can visit our BoxBeamCollection.com website, configure your box beams down to the inch of accuracy, get an instant price including shipping, and place your order. Never before has this functionality been possible, and now you can order and be on your way.