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Resawn or live sawn reclaimed wood texture

ReSawn Reclaimed Mantels describes the 'second cuts' of a timber after the original face--or 'skin' (first cut)--has been made. All successive cuts would be considered resawn.

We use the original face skins of either hand hewn or rough sawn beams to make box beams, flooring, or a number of other custom products.

In days-of-old, this resawn material often had heavy bandsaw chatter marks from the blade skipping, from a bent tooth, or several other factors. Our state of the art machines however leave very little if any chatter marks behind, leaving a smooth surface. 

For a resawn mantel beam we use the freshly cut resawn core or a naturally aged one from our expansive yard. The material can be left as-is, or we can additionally sand the surface and even apply a clear or custom color finish to it. If you'd like your resawn mantel beam to be sanded even smoother and have a custom stain/finish applied then please do not order here, instead; please contact us for a special order so we can discuss the finish process with you. 714-557-9655 or email us at

Resawn Reclaimed Barnwood Mantel Beams
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Worn by the wind...

Our reclaimed barnwood mantels are of wood that is over a century old, and has the old growth tight grain visible in our resawn corbels, and the unmistakable patina in our rough sawn and hand hewn varieties.

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