Collection: Resawn Reclaimed Barnwood Mantel Beams

Resawn Reclaimed Barnwood Mantels describe how a log has been dimensioned by use of a bandsaw, leaving its tell-tale straight and often chattered saw marks behind. 
Resawn or live sawn reclaimed wood texture

There are wide textural differences in reclaimed wood mantels. Our resawn mantels have the tell-tale bandsaw marks which give them a much cleaner look due to the more defined corner angles, more so than even rough sawn. These beams have less (if any) patina than what would be found on hand hewn or rough sawn wood beams. If you're looking for a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel beam with a very clean look that has the most angular profile, then we recommend going with a reclaimed Resawn fireplace mantel beam. 

Choose a resawn mantel beam if you plan on sanding, staining, or even painting your beam as it will result in the cleanest look and in doing so you won't be removing the natural patina found predominantly on the hand hewn and rough sawn beams.

Our reclaimed wood beams come from The Mid-West, from the Great Lakes down to Alabama. 

It doesn't get better than this. All of our reclaimed barnwood mantel beams include:

  • Hand picked from our own, on-site 30,000sf reclaimed barn wood beam inventory
  • Done: De-nailed
  • Done: Nylon brushed to soften the texture to the touch
  • Done: Back-side skim cut for flush wall mounting
  • Done: Kiln dried
  • Done: Fumigated (10x more than required for termites)
  • No Charge Upon Request: Mortise pockets patched upon request unless already done
  • No Charge Upon Request: Power-washed (removes some patina)

For nearly 20 years, we've scoured the US for barns and century old historic structures scheduled for demolition and which will likely end up in a landfill. We intervene and recover the barn wood and corral boards to create new architectural components that pay homage to their origins while providing another century of stunning service. We're not cutting down trees by using new wood, and we're not "distressing" new wood to make it look old. We're using century old wood, aged by the elements over generations, from structures that are already or are about to be demolished. Without people like us buying this material (and you for buying it from us) this material would end up in a bonfire or the landfill.

In days-of-old, this resawn material often had heavy bandsaw chatter marks from the blade skipping, from a bent tooth, or several other factors. 

Vintage resawing with a band saw

Resawn wood describes timbers that were dimensioned with band saws to convert round tree logs into dimensional lumber.

All of the wood used in the raising of a barn starts as a round tree, a log. In order to convert these cylindrical logs into usable and uniform sizes for joining to one another they must be dimensioned. Dimensioning is cutting the timber into dimensions such as 10" x 10", with flat or relatively flat mating surfaces. The first cutting step in this process is the rough cutting or rough sawing away the outer original face. For resawn beams, they were dimensioned with a band saw.

Box Beam Mantel Texture Types

For wood that was dimensioned by hand, with an axe; those are called Hand Hewn. See our Hand Hewn Reclaimed Barn Wood Mantels here.

For a resawn mantel beam we use either the freshly cut resawn core or one of our beams or a naturally aged one from our expansive yard of reclaimed wood beams. If you are planning on sanding, staining, or painting then we'll choose a newly cut beam so the naturally aged beams with patina are available to those who will be leaving their resawn beam natural and need the patina to remain. The material can be left as-is, or we can additionally sand the surface and even apply a clear or custom color finish to it. If you'd like your resawn mantel beam to be sanded even smoother and have a custom stain/finish applied then please do not order here, instead; please contact us for a special order so we can discuss the finish process with you. Call Adam at 949-244-5123 or email him at

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Worn by the wind...

Our reclaimed barnwood mantels are of wood that is over a century old, and has the old growth tight grain visible in our resawn corbels, and the unmistakable patina in our rough sawn and hand hewn varieties.

Set your space apart.

Choose a reclaimed barnwood mantel.

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