Question: Is a Reclaimed Wood Mantel Right for My Home? Reclaimed Wood Mantel Ideas

Is reclaimed barn wood a fad or a classic?

Answer: Yes. Any Reclaimed Barn Beam Mantel Is Proven To Be Timeless.

Reclaimed wood is a trend for fireplace mantels. It's a type of wood that was previously used as lumber or building material. Nowadays, people use it to make furniture, flooring, and other items.

History is timeless. Classics endure. With more people electing to do small to moderate "makeovers", a fireplace mantel is often an easy place to start. A stunning fireplace mantel can set the tone for a room, balance extremes, and add life to even the most modern room designs. Choosing a reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantel not only creates conversations but can go a long way to setting the tone for the space. Memories are made around a fireplace, make this a special place in your home.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Mantel Beam by The Mantel Collection

Not all wood is created the same however, and not all sources should be in the mix. Choosing a reclaimed wood mantel from a reputable source who has a stake in this type of product--with history to backup their expertise--should be of paramount concern. Choosing the wrong source could often lead to inviting undesirable critters into your home with devastating consequences.

Of primary concern is choosing a reclaimed barn beam mantel that has been fumigated; treated for powder post beetles which will take care of the lesser critters such as termites. We treat all of our material to this higher standard because that's what we would do for a reclaimed mantel beam in our own home.

When choosing a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel make sure it has been fumigated

Never use railroad ties inside your home, or any enclosed space. One of the most used preservatives to treat wood railroad ties against rotting, insect infestation and few other timber diseases, is Creosote. Some of the other toxic preservatives used to treat railroad ties are pentachlorophenol and chromated copper arsenate. These are things you don't want in your home. Read our blog article dedicated to the topic of using railroad ties in your home here: "The Dangers of Using Railroad Ties As Fireplace Mantels"

Never use railroad ties in your home

A reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantel gets better when complemented by other reclaimed elements in the space, such as ceiling box beams or doorways, reclaimed barn wood hardwood flooring, and even barn wood wall paneling. The extent of these are up to you and your design but consider this, wood makes a room inviting and comfortable.

Reclaimed barn wood box beams and flooring make a room more inviting

Speaking to balance in a space, Designers at Grace Blu comment from their blog:

For one project we’ve proposed reclaimed wood beams as structural elements in a wine room. Married with glass, polished stainless steel, and concrete surfaces the character of the reclaimed wood adds perfect balance and character to the space.

Read blog piece "Trend or Classic?" from Grace Blue here


At Grace Blu we’re a fan of reclaimed wood.

Every piece of wood, regardless of type or building intent, is unique. It's a natural product. A reclaimed barn beam mantel is made further unique by how it was fashioned, used, and its exposure to the elements. The latter speaks a lot to its patina. A barn wood beam that was exposed to the elements has much greater patina and visual character than one that was protected from the element by being deep inside the barn or even covered by planking. Generally, the greater the patina the greater the visual appeal of the piece.

When looking for barn wood mantel ideas, pairing reclaimed barn wood flooring is a spectacular and complete look. Here is our legendary Original Face Timeworn Oak Reclaimed Barn Wood Floor:


Original Face Timeworn Oak Reclaimed Barn Wood Floor by The Vintage Wood Floor Company

Reclaimed wood tells a story. It's the history of the American frontier, pioneers, ingenuity, perseverance, and industriousness. Our clients often have us leave the open mortise pocket intact to stir conversation about how these were used in the joining of structural timbers to support the barn. Even in the most contemporary space, these conversational elements make the place worth talking about.


Reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantel

When choosing a reclaimed barn wood mantel beam from The Mantel Collection, you see what you're getting. Not just one glamour shot, one angle; we try to show you all faces, angles, and options so you can be as confident as possible in your purchase before it ships.

Pictures of reclaimed barn wood mantels

We pull from our own 30,000 square foot inventory, on-site. We are the largest vertically integrated producer of reclaimed wood anywhere.

See our in-stock reclaimed wood fireplace mantels here.


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